The best Black Friday marketing strategies for e-commerce

Copied from the United States, every year increasing: black Friday and cyber-Monday. These sales days are the perfect time for online and offline entrepreneurs to give their annual turnover an extra boost. Black Friday has become a traditional sales event throughout the country, in physical stores and online most retailers bring out spectacular deals. Cyber ​​Monday, on the other hand, is only aimed at online sales.

Due to the amount of promotions, it is almost impossible for the consumer to keep track of all the deals stores have, so it is important to know how you, as a company, how to get your part of the business. How do you as a retailer ensure that consumers are aware of your actions?

The Instagram shop strategy

The online madness creates a certain form of stress for customers that they experience as they are afraid that products will be sold out. This is why it is very important for the consumer to be able to quickly complete the purchase so they can quickly proceed to the next purchase. 

The use of Instagram shops seems very obvious but are still not used by many shops. Instagram allows the consumer to complete the purchase without leaving Instagram, all on one platform. How convenient is that? A huge optimization of the customer journey for the consumer during the black Friday and cyber-Monday sale.

Being successful using Instagram shops during Black Friday doesn’t have to be difficult, it only takes some preparation. It is important to have an extensive, but easy to use catalog in your shop. In addition, logically set up collections are important to provide an easy-to-use environment for potential customers. You need to keep in mind that you set up your Instagram Shop in time. It takes a few days to be accepted by the platform. 

The email strategy

Online entrepreneurs know that email marketing is a huge asset to boost sales. Especially the days before Black Friday and the day itself, email marketing is extremely effective. It is important to have a segmented email list so that you can target exactly the people that are interested in Black Friday deals. Days prior to the promotion, you can already start creating pop-ups on your website detailing what to expect when they sign up for your emails.

Do subscribers get early Black Friday deals they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access? Or can they receive an extra 10% discount by signing up early? Make sure your visitors can not ignore it. The people who signed up have already shown interest in the deals and are a lot easier to convert into paying customers.

The reward strategy

If you are unable to provide huge discounts, you can also reward the customer for buying on your webshop. You would be able give the customer a voucher for a next purchase or to add a gift to the purchase. This way you give the customer something extra to reward him for buying on your webshop during these special sales days.

The platform strategy

If you have a small marketing budget, it is often difficult to compete against the bigger competitors. In addition to using platforms like facebook and instagram, you would also be able to use platforms that have been specially set up for blackfriday sales, websites such as These platforms invest heavily in online marketing to drive consumers to their website, they also want to achieve results during the peak season. This is also beneficial for you as an entrepreneur. You register once with such a platform and you do not have to worry about it anymore. You can then use the time to work on other strategies. In the meantime, a lot of traffic is pushed to your webshop via this platform. This is very cost-effective way providing a win-win situation for all parties involved. (Emerce, 2020)

Gift guide strategy

For many people, the black Friday and cyber-Monday season is all about getting presents for their loved one. That is why there will also be people on your website who are not your direct target group, but who are looking for gifts for your target group. As a company, you can offer various gift guides to support these people in finding the right gift. Be very specific about your target group and the needs of the target group. 

If your target group is very sporty, the page starts with a sentence such as: “Looking for a sporty gift? These gifts are perfect for sporty people!” or make a cup of “The Perfect Gifts for Women!”.

The customer is king and that is why ease of use and real time response are key during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Which strategies are most interesting and most feasible for you? Add these together and it will create a huge sales peak for the annual revenue. You got this!

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