The importance of color psychology that can make or break your design


In an ocean of design possibilities, you tend to forget what the audience will think of your design. Do you want to make them happy, sad, inspired, or even hungry? With great usage of colors, your design will have a strong foundation in the eyes of the audience.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how we perceive certain colors. It has the purpose of influencing your behavior with the use of a certain color. Different colors give you different feelings. Therefore, using the right color can be a huge difference in standing out from other designs or blending in. That is why you as a designer need to know about color psychology because poor use of colors can make or break your design.


When you think about colors red is probably one of the first colors you will think of. Red is known to be the most intense of them all. Therefore, red has a lot of different uses. For example Dangers and warnings. While being one of the most visible colors it is used for stop signs, fire engines and stoplights. When you look at this picture. You will most likely look at the red cross.

Red can also be used to show power. Many big football teams like Liverpool Manchester United use the color red to intimidate their opponents.

Overall. Red is a really powerful color where you can get the attention of the audience fast. But you have to cautious to not overwhelm the audience. It is an interesting option with many different possibilities.


Blue is known to be the color of reliability and sadness. Unlike red blue tends to be a more soothing color. When you use blue you can use it to destress and cooldown the audience. Therefore it is used in hospitals and spas for example But do not overuse it. Sometimes blue can be seen as cold and unfriendly.

In general, blue is a popular color to use in a design. It gives you a calming and trusting feeling while you will never psych out the audience.


Yellow is known to be the color to evoke emotions, happiness and positivity. While being one of the happiest colors, it is also one of the colors with the most presence, because of its long wavelength. Any design that is yellow that will bring happiness and joy into your life. For example smileys. They are called smileys and are yellow for a reason.

yellow and black heart print textile

Whenever you need to make someone happy or boost their spirits. Yellow is a great color to choose from. But when overused yellow can feel threatening, because yellow is widely used in traffic signs for example.


The Color green is most associated with harmony and balance. While being the color of psychology green is widely used as the color to know if you are right. For example, when you are in traffic you know you can proceed when you see a green light.

green light bus display

Green is also a color used by different nature preservation groups like Greenpeace and the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) because it has the color of the plants in every environment.

When you use the color green you will most likely give your audience a sense of positivity, because you are most likely portray harmony, balance and nature. You only need to keep in mind to not mix the color green too much with other colors, because it can look dirty and poisonous.


Purple is known to be the color of magic, mystery and spirituality. It has the combination of the power of the color red and the reliability of the color blue. Therefore, it is most associated with magic and spirituality. Purple is also well known for its association with Royalty and luxury. In ancient times the color purple was the hardest color to create because it is less common in nature. So only the rich and royal people of that time were able to wear the color purple.

parked white convertible coupe inside building

Purple is a very interesting color it gives you a sense of mystery while also being the color of luxury. You have to be creative to use this color properly because purple can cause many reactions.


White is the purest color of them all. Therefore, it is a great example to represent innocence and cleanliness. That is why it is widely used for weddings and hospitals.

woman in white floral wedding dress

White has many meanings. For example, it can be used to represent a new beginning while it can be used differently to represent loneliness. When you use the color white you just have to make that it is used correctly.


Unlike white, black gives you a sense of seriousness and control. That is why it is mostly worn by serious businessmen. The downside of black it is also used to represent evil and death.

When you use the color black you have to be sure not to overuse it because it gives many negative emotions.

macro photography of black cat

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