E-commerce in the time of Corona

Corona, we are all done with the situation. Still, Corona is a big part of our daily life right now. You hear about it every day and even today the numbers of infections are constantly increasing. We need to implement the knowledge of the first wave together with what we are learning in the second wave to continue our business during this corona crisis.

We have learned from the first wave and now that we are in the second wave, we need to implement the information we have gained to survive the corona crisis! More and more people stay at home and prefer to buy their things online rather than in physical stores to avoid crowded places.

E-commerce growth went through the roof during the corona crisis, the main question we need to answer is where do we need to pay attention to and how can we keep up with the customer demand, wishes, and needs?

Flexible shipping

Due to the increase in online orders, it is difficult for companies to meet fast delivery times. The number of parcels in April increased by 175% due to the guidelines from the RIVM. Positive growth for e-commerce companies. But how to keep up with the delivery of the goods?

During the first wave in March, the average delivery time was 2 days longer than normal. Fortunately, the consumer is flexible and, according to research from Sendcloud, they find it more important that they are informed about the delay and that the delivery time is flexible than the delay itself.

The main takeaway is; do not leave the consumer with questions but keep them informed of the delay and give them the option to request a time for delivery. Communication is key when it comes to shipping, as long as the customer is aware of the delivery planning, he can adjust his expectations.

Digital customer service

It is the perfect time to take the digital customer service of your company to a higher level. As mentioned earlier, communication is one of the key points for a customer, this also includes good customer service where the customer receives an answer to their key questions as quickly as possible.

In addition to available customer service by phone, an optimal FAQ page is also very important, this is easy to implement and will take off the stress from calling customers. In addition to a FAQ page, the use of social media to answer questions is also very important, this is clear and fast. Finally, implementing chatbots that are in direct contact with the customer on the website will ensure quick responses to the customer.


Another positive consequence, in addition to the many orders online, is the fact that a completely new target group has emerged during the corona crisis, customers with the age of 50+ are being introduced to online shopping for the first time.

But how do we retain this new target group? The answer to this is Ultra Personalization. As a webshop, you can make automated personal recommendations to the consumer based on preferences. Research shows that no less than 45% of customers have this preference and that 56% would return to your website.


Focusing on category pages, customer demand is often found through short tail keywords and orientation. Provide your customer with cross-sell options, such as puzzle mats for puzzles or e-books for e-readers. Also, the use of data is even more important than before, search for the most important keywords on google analytics. Look back at a shorter period, so no further than 7 days, for instance, this way you can quickly respond to the new keywords from the customer.

The customer needs are changing quickly due to the new guidelines that the RIVM is implementing and the developments around the Corona pandemic. It is also important to keep a watch on the media, as soon as certain words are used more often, it could be considered important for the customer. The customer will be using this in his search criteria, and you can use this to your advantage in combination with your products to lead the customer to your website.

The corona crisis is driving strong demand in the field of e-commerce. To grow your company during this crisis, it is important to keep a close eye on the e-commerce trends, use the latest data to provide your consumers with the best online experience. Now is the time to get focused on your online presence and look at all important touchpoints online, for you to profit from the e-commerce growth in the long term.

Last but not least: think about your health and keep it five feet away. Together we are strong, together against corona!

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