Why sustainable branding is here to stay

Nowadays the bar is set high if you want to start a new company or brand, not only should prices be low, but it is also very important that you are sustainable. The importance of sustainability within your brand has increased enormously in recent years. In this article I will go into that in more detail.

What is sustainability?

There are two types of sustainability within a brand, for instance there is sustainable branding or the sustainable implementation of a brand. With sustainable branding an organization shows what it stands for, whereby they actively strive for a positive effect on the environment. With a sustainable implementation it is about how the organization shows it. This can be done in various ways, for example through the use of local manufacturers or using sustainable materials. Another important fact many people tend to forget is the way your products are transported, the use of energy a bicycle uses is way better that the use of a car or even worse an airplane. Sustainable alternatives that are used today are electric scooters, e-bikes and electric cars.

Credibility of your brand

The emergence of this new interest that many people have in sustainability has a lot to do, of course, with global warming and many other miseries such as excessive pollution. So-called influencers come forward with these problems and activate people to do something about them, by encouraging the users to stop buying plastic packaging or to go for products that are not made by children, but are made under fair conditions. Fair conditions meaning a secure and adaptable employment, access to social protection, fair wages that provide for a decent standard living, a safe and healthy work environment and data protection.

The sustainable label is therefore in great demand. Of course, brands respond to this by being extremely transparent in the production of their items and by ensuring that the overall branding of the product, such as the packaging, is ecological and might show the story of the manufacturer or worker that made the actual product. 

But not only the sustainable implementation is important, also the sustainably branding I talked about earlier is very important. If people dig deeper into your brand, they will likely find out how sustainable you really are. And therefore, you must not only radiate sustainability, but also actually be what you say you are. Your mission as a brand has to be about thriving to make a change and be better for the world and the environment. People have to believe in the brand otherwise distrust towards the brand starts to show further along the way and you will lose customers. 

A way to show that your brand is sustainable in their branding is to show the process of making the brand more sustainable, by showing the process the consumer feels more involved. Brands can actively share this process on their social media and website, by sharing photos, videos and interviews with manufacturers.

Sustainability as a trend

Many consumers have been saying for years that it is better to buy sustainable products, but unfortunately there are also many people who are not on this level yet.  Sustainability was and is sometimes still seen as something for hipsters and vegans and not for the normal standard person, but fortunately this has been an increasing positive trend for some time. It is therefore up to the sustainable brands to get the sceptical people on board and to ensure that they are convinced of the necessity behind the message, by showing that sustainability is not just a temporary trend.  As I have said before, this is only possible by doing what you say and advise as a brand and by being as transparent as possible. 

The importance of tone of voice

Of course, as a brand you have a certain target group to which you adjust the tone of voice, the way you show your character as a business, both written and spoken. The tone of voice affects the mood and emotion of a message. That tone of voice is therefore extremely important in addressing the target group. There are all kinds of different ways to use the tone of voice, for example like Dove does by sounding ‘empowering and uplifting’. By using an aggressive or harsh tone you will create an unnecessary conflict with your consumers and therefore, they won’t feel the need to support your brand. 

Sustainable branding as an advantage

I have spoken about how important sustainable branding is for consumers and for the environment, but there are certainly advantages for companies and brands to make your brand more or better completely sustainable. According to research, 80% of consumers show that they are more loyal to sustainable brands. In addition, consumers are willing to spend more money on products and services from sustainable brands. So sustainable alternatives certainly have advantages for an organization. 

Source: RGN Brand identity services

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