Jorg Elemans

In a world full of busy roads, screaming advertisements, rushing people and performance pressure. I find peace in the lesser things. The things that almost lack everything, so much that they can fill a room. The simplest designs with the most meaning. It’s a form of design called minimalism and it holds a special place in my heart. I’ve always had a thing for neat designs in any shape or form, the obsession started when I was just a child.

I’ve been told that since I was younger, everything had to fit together. I hated patterns, didn’t want anything to do with bright colors and 9-year old me would be very vocal about it. The clothes I wore mainly black, white, grey and earth tones. Luckily my dad has the same taste and quickly understood what I was searching for; museums. My very first museum visit was Jan Cunen, where they exhibited contemporary art. The contrast with the 1800’s type architecture rooms filled with minimalist art pieces calmed me down as a child. We walked hours upon hours until I fell asleep in my stroller.

After high school I started my photography education at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. There I could really express my feelings through photo’s. As expected, you were obligated to learn every form of photography, which was a bit hard for me. I had only one thing on my mind.

Right after finishing that education I got interested in how to implement the way minimalism is created into a business. That’s how I found Creative Business on the University of Applied Sciences. I’m not in my 3rd year and really enjoying the things I’ve learned so far. Especially because there is room for my vision in every subject.

All my experiences will be written down on this website, so if you feel like you’re interested to follow me on my journey; you’re more than welcome to.

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