Fonts are the key to a great advertisement

Every company wants its advertisement to stand out. Not every advertisement that looks the best, or is from a well-known company, will be the best. Sometimes the smaller companies with a lower budget are the ones to get noticed. Those companies put so much effort into the process, design, and little details of the advertisement that they will stand out. Most of the time, the key to this kind of advertisement is the fonts, but why?

What are fonts?

Font is a term used to describe the design of letters and characters with the same elements. The term “font” comes from the days of the typewriter and printer press. It referrers to a system where characters were grouped in wood or metal to create text for printing. Originally fonts were a subcategory of typeface. The term typeface was used to describe the overall design of the lettering. The font, on the other hand, described specific details like the size and style.

But, with the growth of digital tools, the difference between fonts and typeface faded away and have become almost synonymous. (Gigante, 2019)

Why do fonts matter?

Design, including fonts, are a key part of the consumers’ company assessments. An article from Gigante (2019) tells us that 75% of consumers say that they judge a business by its website design. 72% says that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. As you can see from the numbers above fonts and design play a big part in the decisions of a customer. Therefore, the fonts you choose can have a huge impact on the way your company communicates with the public and how they will react. Mostly, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. By choosing fonts that reflect your companies’ values, like traditional, fun, formal, or quirky, you can attract the right kind of customer. (Cloudflare, z.d.) 


When you look at the picture above, you can see that not one company and advertisement uses the same font. Without really reading and looking at the different advertisements, you can spot some very famous brands. Samsung, Coca Cola, and Vogue. But why do we spot these brands right away? Not only because they are bigger, no because these brands haven’t changed their fonts in a long time. These fonts are connected to the brand by everyone who looks at them.

Print media vs. web media

An article on bizfluent (2017) tells us how different fonts are used in Print Media and Web Media. There are different standards to uphold while making an advertisement. If you are writing an article, you’re not typically devoting a lot of time to choosing the right font. That’s unfortunate because those font choices impact how readers react and process the advertisement. 

Marketing consultant Peter Geishaker says that there are different types of fonts that are better for print advertising. For example, Times and Garamond are best for newspapers and magazines. This is because their “feet” make them easier for people to read in print than a font such as Arial.

If we look at Web Media, other factors determine the effectiveness of a particular font. Not all computers can show every non-standard font and this may lead to miss understandings and unattractive results. To make sure an advertisement can be read by any reader on every device, you have to choose widely available fonts. Such as Arial,Verdana, Calibri, and Georgia. Keeping in mind that the size of every font can also determine the outcome of the number of readers. (Xi, 2017)


There is one company that recently has decided to change their complete corporate identity. The company I am talking about is Avrotros, a Dutch public broadcaster. Their old logo was grey, dull, and monotone. Their new logo is more colorful, original, and it has more excitement. Besides the colors in the logo, the font is also something that has changed. In the new logo, all the letters are the same, but they are all different sizes. This gives the logo more perspective. It also makes the logo stand out a lot more in contrast to the old logo.

The new corporate identity has been in use since October 1st, so we do not know yet what the effect is on the company. I think the company made a smart decision by changing the logo. On the other hand, some people do not like the change in style. The RTL Boulevard show expert, Eric de Munck says the following: “The new logo of AvroTros. Over there they think it is April 1st I think. I hope. #eyetest.” (, 2020)

Fonts in social media advertisement

Before choosing the right font for your social media advertisement you have to take a few aspects into consideration. 

First, what is the purpose of the advertisement? You need to adapt the style of your font to the product or service you want to promote. The advertisement is the bridge between the customer and the landing page, so make wise decisions. 

Second, what is the tone of voice of the company? If the company has always used one style in their communication, you shouldn’t change it. 

Third, who are you addressing the advertisement to? With every advertisement, new product, or service we always have the audience in mind. Their opinions should interest us the most when designing a new advertisement.

Fourth, what is in trend? Just like clothes and shoes, fonts have their trends as well. For example, I really like a simple and clean design, so I won’t get distracted by too many colors or distracting fonts. Therefore, I would be more tempted to look and click on an advertisement with a minimalistic font.

There are two more significant aspects companies should take into consideration. Readability and make your font go hand in hand with your design and company identity. If you keep all of this in mind, while choosing your font, you will create something one of a kind and fitting to your company. (Oana, 2016)

To conclude, which font should companies use? Sadly, there isn’t one font that works in all situations. Despite that, there are a few questions that marketers should ask themselves to help them choose the right font for their advertisement. Is the fond readable and does this font match my goals? Ultimately, companies should think strategically when it comes to choosing the right font. They need to find a specific font that will make their advertisement stand out and be one of a kind. That is how they will be remembered by the public.

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