Eva Willemsen

How to be creative and come up with original ideas by telling a story, those are questions I ask myself on a daily basis. My name is Eva Willemsen, I’m a 21-year-old Creative Business student at the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam and I am specialized in Audio Visual media and Digital Strategies. 

I’ve always loved storytelling. More and more I realize that telling great stories is a huge part of creating a well-functioning brand.

People love to listen to beautiful and thoughtful stories, they even want to be a part of this vision if you tell the story well. By following the specialization ‘Audio visual media’ in my second year I’ve learned how you can visualize storytelling by means of audio and film with the aim of activating or inspiring people to support a particular brand or company. But only making content seemed a bit super to me at times, because what happens before hand and after? How do you get the content to work for your brand and target audience.

Throughout the years of studying I have realized that I sometimes am way more interested in the motives of content consumers and why certain things sell and others don’t, than always being innovative and creative. I’d rather explore an idea, for instance something that already exists. See why it might work and if not, how you can best develop and adjust this with research, so that it appeals to your intend target group. Also known as branding, telling a story by focusing on inspiring and activating consumers to believe in your brand.

This new found interest has led me to follow the specialization ‘Digital Media Strategies’ , in my third year. Here I researched the previously mentioned topics and aimed to become a strong and reliable digital strategist. With my articles on CBwatching.nl and the knowledge I have collected, I would like to inform you about branding and how you can use storytelling as a digital strategy.

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