Dorana Madsahri

Crazy shoes, 90s fashion, sustainability, museums, trends, Amsterdam culture and dancing; my interests are equally diverse. However, the cultural context of design is always central. My experience with branding? I’m going to tell you that.

When I just started puberty, I thought the Bijenkorf was so special. I loved how each brand can represent itself in such a small space. Same goes for museums. How can you take the visitor back in time and take them into the perspective of the painter?

In 2017 I started the Fashion & Branding study at AMFI, because I wanted to learn more about this. What I learned here was to translate the vision, mission and core values ​​into materials. I didn’t understand any of this. Unfortunately, the training was not what I expected and I stopped after a year.

Fortunately, I then started the Creative Business study. This study is more media-related. Something that I find more interesting. In November 2019 I did an internship at Baskèts Stores. I was responsible for all their (online) media but mainly did their Instagram. I took all the pictures by myself and that was a huge responsibility. That actually has to do with branding. How do you want to represent yourself as a brand to the outside world? You need your vision, mission and core values ​​for that.

It was a huge challenge to apply my knowledge in the “real world”. After my internship I was allowed to work here for a few months. What I have learned is that you should always ask yourself the question from within the company: “What do I want to radiate as a brand?”

Branding is a broad topic. That is why we will be writing a lot about this in the coming months. Keep an eye on the website to not miss any blog post.

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