Why your brand needs a podcast


In a world of visual culture and where technology is getting more and more advanced, it might seem kind of weird that podcasts have become so popular in the last few years. On top of that marketers fight for only a few seconds of people’s attention through traditional advertisements on a daily bases. So how come people listen to podcasts that have an average duration of 40 minutes?

The answer to this question is simple but could give you some interesting insights. 

The popularity of podcasts can be attributed to the fact that they allow people to learn something, catch up on current events or be entertained while doing something else. You can listen to podcasts and drive, run or cook at the same time. On top of that podcasts are super intimate. Listening to a podcast feels like discussing a certain topic with your friends at the dinner table.

But how can you use these insights to your advantage as a brand?

The increasing popularity of podcasts in itself makes them an interesting and useful communication tool. According to research done by Markteffect Podcast Monitor, there are over 5million podcasts listeners in the Netherlands. Podcast listeners regularly stay engaged for more than 30 minutes at a time. Much longer than they do with the average YouTube video or blog. This possibility for close one-on-one time with customers can be very valuable for you as a brand.

Build a connection with your audience 

As a brand, you have worked hard to be an expert at something or to get a unique place in the market, so this means you probably have a story to tell or something that makes you unique. This could be about how your brand started or what your plans for the future are. A podcast is a perfect tool to ensure your customers and potential customers are just as invested in this story as you are. Use high-quality engagement to build a connection with your audience. A podcast gives you control over your brand message and how people see your brand. Compared to traditional marketing strategies podcasts create a much deeper and personal connection with their audiences.

Reach a new audience

Another reason to launch a podcast is that you’ll be able to reach particular generations like millennials and Gen-Z. According to Adobe analytics research, 71% of millennials and Gen-Z listen to podcasts. This can be very valuable for your brand, especially since these generations are getting harder and harder to reach because they don’t trust as much and know better than any other generation how many options are out there. They are also less likely to be convinced by traditional forms of advertising because authenticity is very important to them.  

Creating a community

Most podcast fans are loyal listeners, that’s why many podcasts have managed to create a devoted community that looks forward to every new episode that comes out. For your brand, a community like this is a group of people whose attention you have managed to grab and who could all be potential new customers. Putting effort into this community will pay off, you can ask them for feedback and ways to improve your business. 

Best practices

More and more companies are successfully integrating into their marketing strategies. Brands like Sephora and eBay have managed to do so. Makeup brand Sephora has created a podcast called #LIPSTORIES. In every episode they feature an influential woman who will tell her story to help encourage other female leaders. For Sephora this is a way to bring across their brand message in a new and exciting way. The other example is eBay, who has also launched a successful podcast that reinforces their brand message. Their podcast is called ‘Open for business’ and it is all about people who grew their business idea into a full on business. 

These examples show that even for huge businesses like Sephora and eBay podcasts are a way to create valuable connections with customers.

Overall, there are so many reasons why you should incorporate podcasting into your digital marketing strategy. See it as a new adventure to create more engagement with your brand. Take advantage of the fact that people stay engaged for a relatively long time, build valuable connections with your audience and reach an audience that you might not have otherwise been able to reach. There are many different ways of going about it and it is all about figuring out what works best for your business. So you might as well have some fun along the way and enjoy the journey!

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