Joey Chan


In a world where new ways to make art and technology get invented at a ridiculous rate. I am the person who wants to experience both paths in the most optimal way. My journey started when I started the bachelor “Communication and multimedia design” I got influenced by a couple of artists that made me realize inventing a new art is the way to go. Therefore, I decided to switch from bachelor to “Creative Business”

Inventing new things is not easy and I knew that for sure. That is the reason why wanted to improve myself in every way possible. That’s why I organized numerous events and made the marketing campaign for those events. The most impressive event I got to help organize was the World Rowing championship. For this event, I got to maintain the community on different social media channels. My most precious memory I got from the time I did an internship at CREA. Where I made a goal to pass all the rival companies in followers on Instagram in 10 weeks total.

To this day I am making videos for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) under the organization Campus Creators. Here I appear in front of the camera instead of behind. I am the presenter that comes up with items to help the students of the university.

So if you are interested to know what I am coming up next or where I will appear in the future. Do not hesitate to read one of my articles or follow me on one of my platforms.

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