Sabine Haitsma

Film, fashion, photography, my social life and discovering new things. This is what I am most passionate about. I started working as a beginning freelance videographer about one year ago. It started out with making videos for friends, which I eventually turned out to be pretty good at. I bought my first camera and started to practice and teach myself how to edit. Moreover, I did an internship at an online video production company, where I also learnt a lot of my skills. During the last year I made a lot of promotion videos that I am proud of today. I made videos for small clothing brands and several bars and restaurants eventually. The most impressive job I got to do, was creating a promotion video together with one other videographer for the KLM Engineering and Maintenance department. During all these jobs for many different companies, I definitely learnt how to tell the right story to the right customers. Film and photography are obviously very powerful ways to send a message to consumers, or even persuade them. I gained a lot of knowledge and skills on how to use the right tools for the online branding of variated brands during all my different jobs. The branding of a company is something that a lot of creators are able to do. However, it is because I am always looking for innovative creative ways to express myself in my work, that the branding I am able to do for a company will always be very unique and therefore something that the consumers will remember.

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