Loïs Meester

In these days we are more online than ever before. We work online through our laptops and mobile phones. We are productive, we stay connected. Most of our purchases are taking place online, our clothes, furniture and even our groceries. The reason for is because brands stay connected with us, are there were we will see them. And they make it easy for us, just through one click on the internet.

Companies have to be on top of their game, to get the time of the day from their customers. Their advertising, e-mail marketing, website, social media has to be on point. Without that they won’t be connected, won’t be seen or they may lose potential customers.

Myself making an occasional purchase online, I know what companies try to be seen and to be connected with their (potential) customers. My name is Loïs Meester, I am a twenty-two-year-old and live with my parents in Heemskerk. As a Creative Business student, I am currently in my third year and doing the theme semester of Digital media strategy.

With the knowledge of today, research and best practices I am going to be writing about conversion, for you.

How can we use different tools to reach the goal we aim for and go beyond?

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